A True Church Family.

Warm. Friendly. Bible Focused. 

Special Notice: As a precaution against COVID-19, in-person services are cancelled until further notice.  We are hosting Sunday and Wednesday services via Zoom.  Contact us for details. 

Sunday Morning Bible Class -- 9:30
Sunday Morning Worship -- 10:30
Wednesday Night Bible Study -- 6:30

On Wednesday nights we are studying The Letter to the Hebrews.    



Sunday afternoon Bible Study is at 12:30.  We normally have a quick "brown bag" meal after services (bring your own or run out for a quick bite and return) and study afterward.   We are going through a study in Genesis, The Epic of God.

The Zelienople Church of Christ strives to be known for our fellowship, friendliness and our love for each other and our community.

We are a Bible-focused congregation, placing emphasis on reading and following this holy instruction book that God has given to us. We do our best to follow God’s commands in our simple worship and in how we conduct our lives.

We are non-denominational; we enjoy the freedom that Christ has given us in deciding what we want to do as a local body of believers.  Our head is Christ, not any man-made organization.


We are a simple community of people whose life, teaching, worship, service, and mission are lived out in imitation of Jesus Christ.  We seek the simplicity and unity found in His earliest community of followers - the church of the New Testament. In our teaching and preaching from the Bible, you will see the relevance of Jesus Christ to everyone - all seeing what they have in common: broken people in need of a Savior. And in Christ, they find the loving community they have been longing for.


If you are ready to see an authentic, Bible-based, Christ-centered approach to living out the Christian faith, please consider contacting us or visiting our worship gatherings.

Rediscover your Christian roots.


The Zelienople Church of Christ is not part of any world or national organization.  We are autonomous - we decide how to worship, and how to use our resources.

Discover church the way Christ envisioned it.

Once we become Christians, the Bible teaches that we are “added to the Church” (Acts 2:47), which is the “Body of Christ” (Eph. 1:22,23).


We, the church, are the visible representation of Christ on earth.


There is a place in our church family for you.  

The Friendly Little Country Church on a Hill

We are a modest country church, with a simple mission; to give glory to God and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus.


Nathan Mayes, Minister

112 Mennonite Lane

Harmony, PA 16037