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These are a few of our favorite things...

World Bible School

Our congregation sponsors and utilizes World Bible School as a means of spreading the gospel both in our own neighborhood, as well as the world at large.  We have many study helpers who are willing to aid you as you complete a free online or postal Bible study.  To sign up, go to:

God's Love Story

God’s Love Story gives a broad overview of the Bible, from start to finish.  It is intended to help you grasp the story and purpose of God’s plan for mankind.


House to House, Heart to Heart

We occasionally send a special publication, "House to House, Heart to Heart" to the Zelienople/Harmony area.   This is published monthly - so if you are interested in receiving this on a monthly basis, please let us know.

One Word Study

The One Word Devotional book is a daily devotional book for your Christian walk. It focuses on 53 words, one for each week, that were chosen to deepen understanding of important Biblical subjects.  As with any study, the power is in the Word of God (not in our words), but a better understanding of God's Word through this type of study can make a tremendous difference in your life. 

West Virginia School of Preaching

The mission of the West Virginia School of Preaching is to save souls by training men to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (2 Timothy 2:2) Their capable faculty of preachers and teachers carry out this mission by providing two rigorous years of study which develop the student’s comprehensive understanding of God's Word. 

Camp Concern

Camp Concern is held each summer at campsite #2 at Raccoon Creek State Park. It is directed, sponsored, and staffed by members of congregations of the Churches of Christ in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

The Big Picture - Audio Links

1) The Greatest Need

2) Why the Big Picture is So Successful

3) Tips For Sharing Successfully

4) Overcoming Fear

5) Using Evangelism Teams

6) The Big Picture of the Bible

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